Alternative Treatment For Pancreatic Cancer and 2 Therapies For Medication

The pancreas is a human organ that is present in the digestive system. Pancreas is present near the intestines or stomach. Pancreas has many functions to perform. Pancreas can be separated into two, exocrine pancreas and endocrine pancreas. The exocrine pancreas secretes pancreatic juice containing digestive enzymes that help in breaking down of carbohydrates, protein and fat and helps in digestion of food. The endocrine pancreas secretes various hormones that help in various functions.Pancreatic cancer occurs in the exocrine pancreas or in the endocrine pancreas. It is very difficult to notice the early development of pancreatic cancer as this disease develops silently. Chemotherapy and surgery are the 2 well known treatments for this disease. But these days many alternative treatments for pancreatic cancer are available.Radiation Therapy: Radiation therapy makes use of high density powerful radioactive substances to kill the cancer cells. In this process, exclusive machines are used to shoot radiations over different parts of the body. Radiation therapy is also known as local therapy. This is because the radiations are confined only to a local affected area rather than passing them through out the body. This treatment is considered to be painless process.Immunotherapy: Immunotherapy is a process that involves the usage of drugs to increase the body’s immunology or the capacity to fight diseases. Monoclonal antibodies and interferon are 2 examples of drugs used in immunotherapy. These drugs deal with the immune system of body to prevent pancreatic cancer cells. Immunotherapy can be used separately or along with any other therapy. Immunotherapy is usually performed by an allergist and is exclusively developed for every individual. This therapy involves a series of injections that is administered over a period of several years.

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